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Bravely Seeking Out Help

My last day in Sedona was one for the books. I went to Bonyton Canon to check out the red rocks one last time. As I was walking on the trailhead I realized that my phone didn’t get service, I didn’t look at the maps, and wasn’t quite sure were to go. I was going to turn back to study the map at the trailhead, when I started hearing the sound of a beautiful flute. I thought for sure I was losing it, but sure enough, when I walked in a certain direction the sound grew louder. I followed the sound and got to where I wanted to go. I was greeted by a kind man named Robert that was playing the Native American Flute. He played a few more songs for the small crowd that gathered near him, before passing out heart-shaped rocks to everyone around him. I thanked him for helping guide me and sharing his music.

My first solo trip has taught me there are many things I can do on my own, but there are still things that I need help with. And when I’ve graciously received the help, the recommendations, or whatever it may be- the outcomes were always better than stubbornly doing it on my own.

Unfortunately, asking for help in the form of therapy or treatment is still stigmatized when in fact, it should be celebrated.

Knowing when you need help and seeking it out is one of the bravest things we can do.

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