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Happy MLK Day!

Happy MLK day! During my morning commute, I took some time to reflect on the impact that Martin Luther King Jr has had on my life and lives of many. He inspired a nation through his activism and commitment to equality. I cannot even fathom a world in which his beautiful spirit did not exist.

But there is still more work to do.

As a therapist, I pull from the social justice/feminist framework that subscribes to the belief that activism and empowerment are paramount to healing from past pains, trauma, and injustices.

I encourage my clients to advocate for themselves- whether it is on a small scale, setting a boundary with a loved one; or a larger scale- attending a rally on a cause that personally effects them or those they love.

By standing up for ourselves, we are truly standing in our truth and fully realizing what we are capable of. And when we fully realize what we are capable of, we are unstoppable forces of kindness and love.

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