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Happy New Year!!

photo of the words: "new year, absolutely no need for a new you because you're super. (In fact maybe just be even more you.)

“New year, new you” is a media branding slogan to illicit shame in who we are and to get consumers to clamor to expensive self-improvement products. The hustle for changing ourselves sells, it’s a multi billion dollar industry.

I firmly believe that completely excavating our personalities creates distilled, one-dimensional carbon copies of ourselves. Sometimes in an effort to extract all of the negative attributes about ourselves, we inadvertently lose the amazing qualities we possess.

For years, I wanted to not be so sensitive. I was told by exes, family members, and former employers that my sensitivity was a hinderance, a weakness to be removed. Now, I know that my sensitivity is one of my greatest strengths and makes me who I am today.

What I love about therapy is that is it not a process of transformation, rather it is a process of evolution. Discovering and exploring the things that aren’t serving you anymore, the things that are working well, and what small adaptations you can make to not only survive, but truly thrive. #therapy#therapysession#mentalhealth#mentalhealthmatters#mentalhealthawareness#newyear#2020#therapistsofinstagram

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