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Slowing Down

My name is Claire, and I’m a workaholic. I’ve been working nonstop since age 18. Even in college as a full time student, I took summer classes every year and had 2-3 part time jobs. I started my first full-time job the same day I submitted my last undergrad final. I accepted a full time job before the start of my last semester of grad school, because I was worried the opportunity wouldn’t present itself again. 40 hours a week working + 16 online credits = a recipe for disaster.

As a person that has had a life-long battle with self esteem, I found that I could leverage successes at work and school as affirmations of my worth and value. When my internal critic was screaming the loudest, a 4.0 gpa or praise from a supervisor would silence the critic, full stop.

My job was meeting so many of my needs that when things weren’t “going well” at work or if I took time off or I worked less than 50/55 hours, I felt extreme amounts of discomfort. I’ve gotten better balancing out my life, but I continue to struggle with being still.

I’m taking the longest break from work I’ve had in 9 years- two weeks. That sounds insane to me, but that’s probably the norm? I’m curious your thoughts. I’ll be spending the next week in Sedona and Phoenix

Which brings me to my final thought- my intention for 2020 is to slow the movie down, and meditate. I want to incorporate a meditation practice that will aid me in my quest for balance and spiritual fulfillment.

•What’s your intention for 2020?

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