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Trusting the Change Process

I used to think that I was this happy-go-lucky free spirit that was fine with whatever direction the wind guided me to. Floating through life, understanding that everything and everyone is in a perpetual state of change.


I am a stick in the mud. So resistant to taking risks, making changes, avoiding transitions.

It feels easier to stay unhappy and stuck then to chance putting effort in and things ending up the same- or worse.

So how do we get unstuck?

I think the answer is different for everyone, but for me the answer was three fold: have faith and trust that things would work out better than my catastrophizing brain would lead me to believe, look at the evidence of my past successes and how the failures were all crucial to my character development/enrichment, and to surround myself with other people that were living life boldly and supported my bold endeavors.

I love existential theory- although it can sound a bit morbid- death is the deadline. When I look back on my life, I want to cherish all the times I took a chance, lived life boldly, and pursued my dreams.

Choosing therapy is an amazing way to identify and work through what is keeping you stuck to trust the change process.

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