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Workshops & Therapeutic Groups

**Disclaimer: Workshop offerings are not group therapy, they are more structured psychoeducational and skills-based offerings.**


Therapeutic Groups are typically less structured discussion/process-based groups. Participants in therapeutic groups will need to be residents/located in Minnesota or Wisconsin and currently working with an individual therapist.

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Staying Sane with the Straights: Holigay Edition

This is an interactive, four-week group workshop for LGBTQIA+ adults ages 18-35 looking for strategies for a better holiday experience. For more information please click here. To sign up, please email Claire at

Upcoming January 2023:
A New Year for Healing: A Therapeutic Group for survivors of Emotionally Immature Parents 

In this therapeutic group, we will adjunct your current individual therapy work with the power of group support. More details to come.

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